Thursday, September 3, 2009


I just figured that it would be easier to put this on my blog.... that way people can go read it at once ... since they limit your writing space on FB (facebook).

One of my best friends just found out about 2 weeks ago that she had Cancer...She had been swollen up in her face for a couple of weeks , finally went to the doctor in Rock Valley, IA and they found "masses" in her lungs. They had her check into Avera Hospital in Sioux Falls where they started radiation right away.... found out the next day that it was cancer.... Stage four.... in her lungs, liver, and adrenaline gland. I have known this lady for many years and we have gone through and done some crazy things... This by far is the craziest! I should have started this blog a week and a half ago.... but hind site is always best... so I am starting from today.. and I will work my way back through things that have already happened and you can all take the "Philly Journey" with me. If your reading this more than likely you already know what a great gal she is... and I have learned more about her and what is important in life in the last week then I have anywhere else in all my life. I have earned a great respect for Phyllis Nelson this week.

Today was like I said before.... one of the worst days in my life AND on of the BEST! Philly is in ICU in Avera hospital in critical condition... Her breathing became so bad that they had to put a tube down her throat last nite.... She just laying in bed.... looking... well.... bluntly... dead. It was horrible to have to see! I am not prepared to watch my friend die!!! All day in the hospital gives you time to think about stuff... I have had to deal with death before... with aunts, uncles, cousins, grand parents, and my dad when I was younger.... but the pain the chance of losing one of your best girlfriends is almost more than you can bear... All the holidays spent together, picnics, hikes, going to the lakes, our birthdays, our kids birthdays, graduations, weddings... the list goes on and on the things and the secrets we have shared... "The Three Musketeers" Philly, Cammy and me....

Anyway... yesterday..

after hanging around the hospital till 3 or so in the afternoon... I truly didn't think I would see Philly again. The nurses in ICU said that they couldn't predict an out come... but she had improved from going minute by minute they were going hour by hour... looking at her survival. I found out how hard it was to walk out of a room of a person that you didn't know if you would ever see is sucky... there isn't even a word to describe the heart pain....
Philly's son Scott called for an update on how she was just at the same time that I was trying to make excuses to myself about why I did need to go back up there... It was sooooooo depressing and I didn't want to see her like that... But... I went.. Thanks you soooooooooo much for calling Scotty...anyway... I walk into her partition in ICU whispered to her "hey Philly.. it's Jackie... I witnessed a true miricle!!!! She opened her eyes... and tried to talk!!!! Oh MY!! I started bawling ... told her she had no idea how good it was to see her eyes again! Both of us had a little cry. Thank you Jesus!!! If you know anything about Philly u know being quite is NOT her strong point! Even with a tube and ventilator she wants to talk! Even after being in a drug induced coma... she come out of it and wants to TALK!!! LOL! They had her hand tied down so she wouldn't pull the tube and ventilator out... so I explained to her that she had this tube.... and she couldn't mess with it. Asked the nurse if she promised to be good can she have her hands and her glasses back? They agreed ... but she still was trying to talk and... I suck at charades...I went and found a piece of paper thinking I would write the alphabet and point to letters and try to figure out what she is trying to say. Well.. surprise surprise .. she grabbed the pen and paper and started writing... Anyone have a guess what the first thing she has to "say"? "This is the longest they are gonna shut me up"!!! Though all this she has kept her sense of humor and dignity. She was flabbergasted that it was wed. nite.. she had lost alot of time... She wanted to know where her purse went.. and her journal that she has been keeping.. wanted to know when she would get a real room... wanted to know when she could have her teeth back! Also some messages... wanted every one of her friends to know how much she loves them....And thank everyone for their love and support.... She told me God was watching over her... and she was OK. She was very alert for just coming out of it... and wrote 4 pages of notes! I feel soooooooooooo blessed to be able to be with her through this.... It is really hard but worth it!

Went to the hospital this morn... they had gotten her out of bed and put her in a special chair... she was very much out of it again... how depressing! But as soon as I took her hand and whispered in her ear "Hello" she opened her eyes did a little finger wave and was out again. Nurse showed me her ex rays... her lungs are worse then when she came in on Tuesday but are better then they were yesterday. They had given her more drugs during the nite the same stuff that they gave her twice in the hospital before and she hated it! Which really stink that they feel that she needs it again. Bummer... So it was another down morning....She is getting rid of some of her waste fluids... which means her kidney's are still functioning. Good deal!
Went back up tonite about 8:30 ... Jason (my hubby) came along.... Philly was out when we walk in... but had her glasses on.. so I knew she had to have asked for them! Yahoo! Grabbed her hand...Which has no nails!!! Weird! Anyway... she opened her eyes and smiled!!! Yeah! She started tugging on her arms.. (they were tied down) So I got the OK and got them untied... she wants to write more right away...

Sorry I need to go to bed... I will write more later

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