Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grovin' and Farout!

Well here I am again.... I should be crocheting but I love my computer! LOL! So I thought I would share one of my lastest project with all of you. I joined the "Groovin" CAL and started a "Babette" inspired afghan. I named it "farout". It is made up of all 2 round, 4 round, and 8 round grannies. All done in scrap or already aquired Red Heart yarn. So it will be really colorful when I am done. This is how far I am on my colored grannies:

These are 1 rounds that I am still working on:

And these are 2 round one that I have completed... mind you that each pise has 10 grannies in it!

And this is a pic of the 4 and 8 round grannies that are done:

I still have about 80 colored squares to do and then on to the black ones... They are what makes up the peace sign in the middle of the ghan.... This is my pattern drawn out:

I am trying to finish this ghan befor May. I think I am going to put a black border

on it with maybe purple or orange too! What do you all think of it? I think it is going to definately be "Farout!".

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Holiday swap

The Holiday swap was interesting... my partner was from Kuwait. It was very interesting.... and harder than I thought it would be. She was muslin and did not celebrate Christmas so to send a holiday package without Christmas was harder than I thought. I wanted to share pics of the great stuff my partner sent me.

My partner name was Athba and she is due to have a baby in March. It was fun to recieve yarn from Kuwait and the shawl that my cat is sitting on is beautiful! I love swaps!

Funky door hangers!

I just finished this cute door hanger! It is made out of and old fan blade that I painted and attached velcro to so I could change the cutout when the mood moved me!

Here are some of the cutouts I painted too!

I am going to be hosting a class at my apartment building on making these... it will be the first class I have done at our building. I hope I have a few people sign up. It will be lots of fun!

Here is a pic of some coasters I made for valentines day... and then forgot to use!?! LOL!

I had to share this pic of Ariel! Isn't she sweet? She looks like a library cat!I have been working on 2 new afghans... a Babette inspired one and a Kitties in a row one. Why Do I do this to myself? I had the Babett inspired one floating in my brain for a long time and I grafted it out.... Geez I only have to make about 400 Grannies!!! But I am half way done with the squares... can't wait to start sewing it togather! Then while browsing around on crochetville there was a CAL for the "Kitties in a Row" I really did try to resist .... but I have the first repeat done on it already! I wonder how long it will take me to finish both? I even promised myself that I would not join any more swaps til I finish at least one of them! LOL!