Thursday, February 21, 2008

Funky door hangers!

I just finished this cute door hanger! It is made out of and old fan blade that I painted and attached velcro to so I could change the cutout when the mood moved me!

Here are some of the cutouts I painted too!

I am going to be hosting a class at my apartment building on making these... it will be the first class I have done at our building. I hope I have a few people sign up. It will be lots of fun!

Here is a pic of some coasters I made for valentines day... and then forgot to use!?! LOL!

I had to share this pic of Ariel! Isn't she sweet? She looks like a library cat!I have been working on 2 new afghans... a Babette inspired one and a Kitties in a row one. Why Do I do this to myself? I had the Babett inspired one floating in my brain for a long time and I grafted it out.... Geez I only have to make about 400 Grannies!!! But I am half way done with the squares... can't wait to start sewing it togather! Then while browsing around on crochetville there was a CAL for the "Kitties in a Row" I really did try to resist .... but I have the first repeat done on it already! I wonder how long it will take me to finish both? I even promised myself that I would not join any more swaps til I finish at least one of them! LOL!