Saturday, January 26, 2008

cheap entertainment

You want to hear how we are entertaining our selves lately?? LOL! We live> (and my husband manages and I clean) at an apartment complex calls Eastpark> Apartments..... And it is a security building so when we have visitors they> have to use a key pad to put our apartment number in and it will ring our> phone and we can buzz them in .... we can also turn our tv to channel 19 and> it is a view from the security camera at the front door... so you can see> who is at your door before you buzz them in. Anyway... the mailboxes are in> the entry way also... so we put a walkie talkie in our mail box and watch> channel 19.... so when someone comes in they are standing there either> waiting for someone to buzz them in or using there key to get in if they> live here..... sooooooo ..... while they are standing ther we use the walkie> talkie in our apartment and saythings like "please stand still" or "hello"> or "youve been cleared and are free to enter" !!!! It is hillarious to> watch peoples reactions.... and they are wondering if they really heard> anything or not!!!! Cheap entertainment!

I haven't posted any pic of my recent projects lately... so here is one I am particularly proud of... I made socks! I love knitted socks... but I can't knit! So.... I thought I would try crocheted ones! I think they turned odut terrific! I used 100% wool sock yarn that I purchased on ebay. The colors are great! Not bad if I say so myself!

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Great socks! (((((HUGS))))) sandi~clicked over from the 'Ville