Saturday, January 26, 2008

cheap entertainment

You want to hear how we are entertaining our selves lately?? LOL! We live> (and my husband manages and I clean) at an apartment complex calls Eastpark> Apartments..... And it is a security building so when we have visitors they> have to use a key pad to put our apartment number in and it will ring our> phone and we can buzz them in .... we can also turn our tv to channel 19 and> it is a view from the security camera at the front door... so you can see> who is at your door before you buzz them in. Anyway... the mailboxes are in> the entry way also... so we put a walkie talkie in our mail box and watch> channel 19.... so when someone comes in they are standing there either> waiting for someone to buzz them in or using there key to get in if they> live here..... sooooooo ..... while they are standing ther we use the walkie> talkie in our apartment and saythings like "please stand still" or "hello"> or "youve been cleared and are free to enter" !!!! It is hillarious to> watch peoples reactions.... and they are wondering if they really heard> anything or not!!!! Cheap entertainment!

I haven't posted any pic of my recent projects lately... so here is one I am particularly proud of... I made socks! I love knitted socks... but I can't knit! So.... I thought I would try crocheted ones! I think they turned odut terrific! I used 100% wool sock yarn that I purchased on ebay. The colors are great! Not bad if I say so myself!

Yeah I know... it's been awhile!

I can't believe it is the end of January already! AND that I haven't blogged since before Christmas! Time sure flies whether your having fun or not! Sorry it took me so long to blog... Ya know.... busy busy! Did you have a good Christmas? I did! I had all my boys over for Christmas Eve.... exchanged gifts, ate, and played dollar dice. Dollar dice is the highlight of the holidays.... Everyone has to bring five $1.00 gifts.... And everyone has to have them in brown paper lunch bags so they all look the same.... then we play dice.... you roll two dice and if you get 11 or 7 you get to choose a gift and open it OR trade with someone else.... It is always a riot! And since I have three boys and a husband and they buy no "girl gifts" I usually buy something I would like... cause I know they will trade with me!!! LOL! So each year it is funny to see what everyone comes up with for dollar gifts.... I bought two nice crochet hooks... some lip stuff and a pair of girls underwear!!! It was sooooooooooo funny to see Tyler (my oldest son) open his dollar prize and he get a pair of women's underwear!!! He also got some bath fizzes! I ask him is there was anything he wanted to tell me! It was hilarious! It was even funnier when Max (my second to oldest and/or youngest son) got the undies!But I ended up with the undies and the crochet hooks and the bath fizzes! Worked out for me!

Anyway... Then on Christmas day we went to Jason's (my husband) Grandmother's house... I was very spoiled there! They are Christmas crazy! But they know I love to crochet and his mother gave me lots and lots of yarn she had gotten on e-bay.... a full set of bamboo crochet hooks.... a yarn tote ( the kind that has holes for your yarn to go through...And tons of other stuff.... you can tell what gifts I really loved!

We did Christmas with my mom in January (cause she was at my sis's house over Christmas) ... And We had lots of fun there too! I got my jammies from my mom.... She gives me new "flannies" every year and this year They were fuzzy ones!

Since then we have had several snow storms and lots of COLD weather! I have been crocheting alot. I crocheted my first pair of socks! And they turned out great! I made some cool little valentines coasters, and now I am working on a really cool new afghan...More about that later... But I do promise it is going to be "groovalicious"!

I found this wild pic on the net today.... isn't it .... well..... trippy?

Well that's all I have for new news for tonite! Later Taters!