Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Are you a Turkey?

Tyler (my oldest son)was a day before turkey day baby... and this is the first year since he has been born that his birthday is the day before Thanksgiving. So he is a 23 year old turkey tomorrow! I can't believe he is going to be 23. That make me how old??? LOL! We are all loading up in the truck and going out to the Black Hills for Thanksgiving. My sis lives in Hill City and We will be doing Thanksgiving at her house. We will be driving out there on Tyler's birthday...what a way to spend your b'day! But it will be fun when we get there. Already have several things planned. Thursday we will go mess around... Janelle... my sis has to work on Thanksgiving. Friday is More messing around and ending that nite going to Deadwood to eat all the crab legs you can eat... Lucky thing they also have prime rib and chicken on the buffet, cause I HATE crab legs! I am "Crabby" enough... why risk it! But everyone else loves them. The bad thing about going along with the Crab leg frenzy is it takes these leg lovers FOREVER to get full! I sit there FOREVER! I think I may go gamble for a while while they gorge themselves! Maybe I can win enough to pay for the crabs! Saturday we will be doing thanksgiving at my sisters .... and we can't wait! She has called several times with menu preparation... and it all sound yummy! But I am wondering what cheesy artichoke squares.... guess that is a new Thanksgiving food! I write more later on those after we try them. I also will be doing a 2nd photo shot with my nephew.. I took his graduation pic this summer but we were thinking since they have gotten some snow this week it would be fun to have a couple of snowy pics too! And last but not lest... we are going out into the forest to cut down our own Christmas tree. We did that last year and me and my sis also make some garlands and door swaps with fresh cut pine and fresh pine cones! I will write an update on the festivities when I return! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!