Sunday, September 6, 2009

  • Hey... I never said I was great at this updating thing... I have already missed a day. Well... I was up to see her yesterday, about 1:00 in the afternoon or so and she was tired. She did wake up at the mention of the mild shake in my hands though! Imagine that! LOL! She has been enjoying ice cream, yogurt, and cold stuff.. her throat is still sore from the tube... but her kidneys are working good they say.. so they want her to keep up on the calories. Right now the main thing that they want her to be doing is getting up and sitting in a chair... coughing up "junk"... and taking nice deep breathes... I looked at her latest ex rays on sat. and her lungs are still not good.. she is not getting alot of oxygen in them... both from the cancer and the pnemoneau.... She NEEDS to get well enough to get back into radiation! Philly or course want to know the truth and about want is going on.. and has been working on coughing up stuff.. they gave her a sucker hose thing to use to suck out crap in her mouth... I know it sounds gross but ??? She is still Philly with her smile and good humor! I am really learning alot about life.. and whats important... it isn't work(although the bills have to be paid) I can do with less toys and "stuff" in order to be with my friend when she really need me... to be there to hear what she has to say... and to laugh at her corny jokes! LOL! Life sure isn't about the things, you have , or the things you want, or about where you been and done... its about loving people... sharing yourself, listening (not a strong point in my life.. I want to do the talking), seeing past people flaws... (thank God!) I just can't put into words how privilege I feel to be Philly's friend and to hold her hand, laugh and cry with her though all this. AND most important of all knowing that Philly has Jesus in her heart and isn't afraid to meet him if that he want her to come to his house.

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