Sunday, September 6, 2009

Out of ICU!

Philly broke out of ICU last night... she is now back in the Oncology wing 3rd floor , room 3-143. I was at the hospital this afternoon till after supper. Shes still on oxygen .... she is not on any eating limitations... but they are limiting her liquid intake... including water, coffee, tea, ice, milk shakes they are doing it because her sodium is high. she can now have visitors too! She is missing everyone.... and she now has her cell phone back! She is hoping to see all of you soon! Philly ate pretty good for supper and her kidneys are doing good. Vinny and Ruth were going to coming up around 7 tonight. I cut out and me and Jason went out to Life Light and got to see the Newsboys tonight. I can't believe how big that festival has gotten! It is crazy! I wander how many people were there... I think they were expecting over 300,000 and it looked like there were ALOT there!

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