Friday, September 11, 2009

Man... I am no good at the everyday update.... !

Philly was on the Oncology wing from Monday thru Thursday... she finally got to get back to radiation on Tuesday. Wed. night I went up to visit... Jason dropped me off so I wouldn't have to park in the parking garage. Jason texted me on his way to pick me up.. asked if I wanted to try the brownie melt from Mc Donalds... Philly piped right in.. I would like a chocolate milk shake!!! AND a big mac AND french fries AND a brownie!!! LOL! Man! I told Jason and he just laughed! He asked ... she will eat all that? I said.. no... but she is the princess and can have whatever she wants! LOL! (or something close to that) Jason brings us all this food up to 3rd floor and hangs out with us ... I'll be danged... Philly attacked the ff first... poof they are gone.. then the big mac..holy cow! She ate like I have never seen her eat before! She said she was "climaxing"! LOL! and... Poof the big mac disappeared! One bite of the brownie... but then came the mild shake..... POOOOOOFFF.... gone! LOL! She ate it all!!! Except the brownie... but chocolate hasn't been doing it for her... she has choke on it several times... so doesn't want it much anymore. She was excited to be getting sprung in the morning.. Yeahhhh!

I worked for a bit in the morning. I took my lunch break to go see Phil ship off! Vinny and Mama were there... Philly was dressed and ready to go. While we are waiting for the doc we packed up all her stuff... and decided to try her new wig fooing it... it is soooooo danged cute on her! All the sudden she screamed really wierd.... I thought she was messing around... doing goofy stuff that Philly does.... thought she was celebrating going home!

2:00 pm
Till I looked at her face and it was frozen in place.... I looked at Ruth and yelled get the nurse.... ! Vinny was half way down the hall to go move his car... and heard the noise....It took everything in me to keep her from falling on the floor head first... two nurses came running in and started helping try to get her laying down..... by the time I started putting the bed down flat... there were about 25 doctor and nurses in the room ... me and mama were blocked in the room "CODE BLUE, CODE BLUE" is screaming over the intercom... crash cart blocking me in ... looking at Philly.... she's doin the fish... Oh my!!!! They finally made room for us to get out of their way... Shock... scared.. sick.. People yelling... I wanted to run away from there... I didn't want to be where I was and see what I see and hearing what I hear.... It's too unbelievable! Thank you to the social worker in the hall that grabbed me and ask if she could do anything for me and I said yes..... that she could pray with me.... standing in that hall I thanked God for his wisdom in these matters... to hold Philly in his hands and love her like a father loves his child... his will be done! Thank you whoever you were that shared that prayer with me.... Because it was answered... I am still not positive what his will for Philly is... but I am glad for the memories we are getting to continue to make. After they stabelized her they brought her straight to ICU again. They finally let us go in and see her.. and she was sooooooo upset... and confused. It was the first time that I have seen Philly break down though this all.... She was soooooooo scared and confused!

Another day of good and horrible... talked to Cammy.. and she decided to come up to see Philly... as it turns out Nikki came too! It was great to see them both. They both met at my house and we all went up to the hospital togather... Philly was tired but as soon as she seen Cammy and Nikki she was ready to yak! We stayed till She went off to get a MRI at 10:00 pm.

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