Friday, September 4, 2009

Look Who's Talking?

Today I had to get some work done... I have alot of apartments to get cleaned... And I knew that Vinny made it home last nite.. and I figured that He and Nana Ruth would want some time to see Phyllis.. so I wait to take the night shift. Got up to the hospital around 8:30... and......................."Guess who's talking?"! I still can't believe it! Here sits Philly with no tube anymore.... smiling to beat the band! MAN! Talking! CRAZY!!! They took her tube out around 11:00 this morning. She is breathing completely on her own since then... she does have an oxygen line in her nose. She was very alert and in her own words.. "a demanding bitch"! When I got there she was harassing the nurse about food.... saying she hadn't eaten in 4 days and she had alot of catching up to do!!! LOL! I got to give her some ice chips, some yogurt, and a cup of sherbet ice cream! Yehaw! It is crazy to think yesterday they were giving her "nutrition" though a tube! she still has a cath. but is peeing good.. so things are looking good there. she was given some morphine and started singing... old fart, old fart.... came back from the dark... old fart, old fart... has to.... fart! LOL! I asked her about the time that she was in a coma.... She said she seen her mom, and grandmother, and several other people... like a fast glimpse of them... and they were begging her and begging her not to come... they didn't want her there... she was early! (first time for everything!) She had some other jumbled thoughts...said God was watching her...she was very with it and alert. She still has pneumonia.. but it is improving.... they are hoping she will be able to move out of ICU .. back to the oncology wing. They are shooting for tomorrow (SAT) If she gets moved back to oncology she will be able to have visitors.... and phone calls... just let me say this though... what she really needs is rest.. the sooner she can get back to radiology the better.. she will continue to have these breathing problems till the tumors start shrinking... so... not trying to be bossy but.. You may want to time your visits... and keep it shorter starting out... and limit the phone calls.. if you call make sure to call her cell phone... the phone in her room is really loud and she has a very hard time reaching it. It is much easier for her to use her blue tooth. I will try hard to help her give you all updates on FB... starting maybe Sunday... tomorrow is going to b a big day for her if she is moved... She is gonna be pooped out. Geeeeesssshhhhh I do sound like her nurse!!! LOL! I am just trying to get her healthy.. and I know everyone wants that! I think we are all blessed to have her here still! Things are looking up! Also... I have been thinking about all of you... if anyone has any funny stories, goofy stories... and just plain smut on Philly that you would like to add to this blog , I think it would be fun to get stories on the Philly in your life.. We all know, love and have shared different parts of Philly... she is having a hard time believing that so may people love and care about her... I think it would be fun to as Shrek says "look at the onion... and peel away the layers"! So... come on send me anything you wanna share with me that I can copy and paste here to share with all the Philly lovers! LOL! Today was a great day.....To God be the glory!

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