Saturday, December 8, 2007

Thanksgiving in the Black Hills

Well this Thanksgiving we decided to go to the Black Hills... for those of you that don't know my sister lives there. We Had a riot! My oldest son Tyler and a friend of ours came along this year with Jason and I. We stayed at the Robins Roost Cabins as usual and stayed 5 nites. We got there on the Wednesday before thanksgiving day later at nite so we just hung out in our little cabin and played games. Thursday my sister had to work on thanksgiving so we went exploring... we cruised out to The needles highway only to find that the road was closed because of snow. So we turned around and drove through the Custer Wildlife loop. And did we get a treat! We actually got to see huge herds of buffalo! Also some antelope and wild (sorta) donkeys! It was a fun day! It was a bit cold up there... about 20 degrees or so.

Can you tell we had fun??? So did Jake our lab... he wasn't sure what to think of the donkeys!Anyway... Friday was more exploring check out this pic of where there was a fire up by Mount Rushmore a few years ago.

Here we all are at Mount Rushmore....

Then on Sat. we had Thanksgiving Dinner.... Me and my sister stayed at the house and cooked and Jason, Brad , Tyler and Myles went to the Moonshine Gulch and had a good time. And we had a great thanksgiving supper that evening! Sunday we went and got a tree permit from the forest service for $10.00.... so off we went into the woods in search of the perfect tree! Here we are cutting it down and dragging it back thruought the forest to the truck. Me and Jason cut down a 18 footer.... needless to say we had to trim it down when we got home!

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