Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weird Cracker moment!

Ok.... Here we go again... another 'weird Jackie moment''. I had a dream last nite That I went to the Goodwill store and I got this really cool "prize"! When I woke up... though... I couldn't remember what the "prize" was! So I got up and informed Jason, my husband, that I was going to the Goodwill store today to pick up my "prize". He looked at me like I was crazy....expecially when he found out that I had dreamed about it.. needless to say he is getting used of these "weird Jackie moments". So off I went. to collect the trophy. Check out what I found for my "prize"! It is better thatn I thought it would be! YARN!!! YAHOO!!! Here are some pics.... all this for $10.00! I really did win GRAND PRIZE!

Is This too cool or what???

Also I wanted to add a pic of the "Loop and Lace Mile a Minute" Afghan I started last nite... I really like to way it is starting to shape up!

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