Sunday, September 9, 2007

Intro to me

Since this is my first entry I will introduce you to the family... Pets first...
"Jake" is our yellow lab and this is a pic from last winter.... isn't he sweet?
And Arial is our ragdoll cat... I call her princess. She is a very cuddly kitty.
And then there is Lu... the black tomcat who is 15 years old and still catching rabbits!

Here is a pic of me and my hubby Jason. This pic was taken last summer at my sister, Janelle's graduation from nursing school. The graduation took place at Mount Rushmore. Which was fitting since both of her boys Hudson and Nash work at Mount Rushmore!
So I belive that I may be truely addicted to swaps. I think that it may be that you know that the person recieving it really know and appreciates the time, effort and creativity that goes into a project. People that don't crochet or knit don't always "get it". So it makes me happy to send my creations to someone who really will love it as much as I love creating it.
On a different note... about my day... I woke up today at 1:30 in the afternoon! ( yeah I know) But I was up til 4:00 in the morning ... doing what you may be thinking... truth is ... I was crocheting a scarf for my swap partner and it was turning out so nice that I really wanted to see it done! Anyway, after I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I made a huge pot of Potato Soup. It was only 60 degrees out today so it seemed to be soup weather. The recipe I have is really yummy But it makes enough to feed an army! I brought a bowl to my neighbors Jean from Apt. 103 and to Al in Apt 105. Jean is an 84 year old lady that does get out of her house and Al is a bachlor who works for the railroad. Then I called Maxwell and told him to come over and pick up a bowl for him and Tyler to have. I still have 3 containers of soup in the fridge. I also made Meatballs for Mason' birthday tomarrow and tacos for tuesday. So I did a half of a weeks cooking today. Mason's birthday is tomarrow... He is going to be 16! I can't belive it... my "baby" is 16. Anyway... Mason and I took jake out to lake Alvin for awhile so he could go swimming. He had a great time, That dog just loves the water!

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